We offer strategic and consulting services tailored to the needs of your business or organization as well as fees modulated due to financial reality.


The strategies we propose all include online reputation components and social networks.



Our services



Building reputation


Building Reputation for startups and SMEs in Canada

Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets

Strategy for Reputation building in China and Southeast Asia



Reputation Management


Management of Corporate Reputation in Canada (SMEs and large companies)

Managing Individual reputation and Leader's Credibility

Managing Credibility and Reputation in times of uncertainty

Managing Credibility and Reputation during M&As

Credibility Management during organizational Change

Reputation Strategy for Board Members

Reputation Management in China and Southeast Asia



Before, during, and after a crisis


Crisis Management and Crisis Communication

Issues Management

Preparing for a crisis

Spokesperson's Credibility

Rebuilding a reputation damaged by a crisis




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